Early Childhood Education Parenting Program

“My family and I would like to express our gratitude to all of the staff members of Ayuda Inc. for their support with my family (myself included). We have learned so many things individually as well as a family. When we first came to Ayuda, we felt overwhelmed with many issues at our home, but soon we were learning new things and techniques and we also learned to get to know each other better as well as learned things about us individually. We will like to see this program continue for so many families that have the same need. All parents want to be good parents, but not all of us have the information and the resources to do so. Please we encourage you not to ever discontinue these services. I know that your program has brought a smile to my face as well as my family’s. Thank you again from all of us”

The Aguilar Family


Hi Diana, Gryphon and I are safe and well living in Washington, D.C. I was thinking of your and the families at Ayuda. May God bless you all!


Parents Now! AYUDA’s Parenting Program

“Being a single mother is not easy for me. Fortunately my case manager at DCF referred me to this parenting program that not only helped me improve my parenting skills but also linked me with community resource that I had no idea that they were available for my family Thank you AYUDA!”


My wife and I got divorced one year ago, and although we couldn’t work out our relationship as a couple we both agree that we wanted to be the best parents for our children. Through the Parents Now program we learned to work together and improve our communication so that we can establish and enforce the same rules in both our homes. Through the skills we learned in this program our children now have consistency and stability even though we are all no longer under the same roof.

Family Empowerment! AYUDA’s first time offender program

When I received the phone call that my child was arrested I as a parent felt as if it was the end of the world and his future was over before it even began. Luckily we were sent to the Family Empowerment Program so that my child can receive a second chance. We thought the best thing we would get out of this is to get my child’s record expunged but in reality we gained so much more than that. My relationship with my child improved significantly where we now openly communicate with one another and as individuals we both learned to make better decisions, I as a parent and my child as a young teen. Truly I am forever grateful with AYUDA for turning my world right side up again.


I have been worried for my child since he was in middle school. The influence of drugs in his life was too great for his mother and I to handle. That is why when I received a call that my child was arrested unfortunately it was of no surprise to me.  He of course failed his first drug test in the Family Empowerment Program but when the AYUDA counselors confronted and educated him about his drug use the unthinkable happened, he vowed to himself to never put his mom and I through this again and get clean with the support of his family and the AYUDA counselors. Although I know it was difficult for him his following drug tests were clean. When the 3 months were over and graduation day came along he shared with the entire class “I understand and with absolute certainty know drugs is of no good to anyone”.  This would not have been possible without the Family Empowerment Program. Thank you so much AYUDA!

T.A.L.L Program

I have been attending the TALL program for a few months already when my best friend had broken up with her boyfriend and was going through low self-esteem, her school performance was decreasing, and she was isolating herself from our friends. Thankfully she agreed to come to the TALL program where the first rule is to welcome everyone into our small community and accept them as they are. My best friend loved coming to TALL and working with everyone on the positive lessons and activities the counselors would bring. 2 months later my best friend raised her grades, gained new and reconnected with old friends, and is more confident than ever. Thank you TALL for all that you do for all of us.


I have been going to TALL since my freshman year. Like most teenagers, self identity is something most lack. I was always the girl who never knew where I belonged, I never felt like I had a purpose or a talent like some of the people I started meeting when I came into high school. The unit that really opened my eyes as to the unique talents, qualities and characteristics I possess was “Who am I?” Through this program I learned so much about myself and got in touch with my thoughts feelings and emotions like never before. Now that I’m entering the real world I am going in with more confidence than ever. Thank you TALL you rock!

“Here for You” AYUDA’s Elderly Program

I have been in the “Here for You” program for about 3 years now. My only child lives 3 hours away from me with her husband and children and can’t visit me as often as I would like. Being an elderly person living by themselves can get very lonely so I am very grateful for the Here for You program where the counselor visits me every other week and I can have someone to talk to. The homemaker service is also such a blessing since I can’t move around so much since my surgery. Thank you AYUDA.


I had been happily married for 60 years when my husband died 4 years ago. AYUDA helped me cope with my loss and loneliness through that time. The counselor had referred me to an adult day care center where I met new people and now have a group of friends to play bingo with, have lunch, and dance with on Friday afternoons to the songs of our decade. Thank you AYUDA so much for connecting me with such wonderful people.