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Wednesday, May 17th, 2006

Arte Del Barrio

On March 10th, Arte Del Barrio came to Happy Children of Overtown to educate children and families in the art by promoting a live painting wall at the daycare. The afternoon was filled with paint, brushes, and lots of fun for children and artists!

Arte Del Barrio is a non-profit organization made of local artists who aspire to elevate the cultural awareness of the Miami-Dade community. This group of painters, photographers, sculptors, video-film makers, musicians, DJs and theater actors come together to showcase their creative talents to the community and enrich people’s life through art. This year, Arte Del Barrio is proposed to launch a series of educational and interactive art learning projects for the community of Miami.

Nowadays, the walls of Happy Children of Overtown are colorful and happy; the children are proud and happy to see the beautiful job they have done and remember the great time they had with Arte Del Barrio.

Women’s Fund Luncheon to present Girls Reach High progress

Thanks to the Women’s Fund of Miami County, AYUDA has been able to accomplish the goals set for the Girls Reach High Leadership Program. The Girls Reach High is a leadership program directed to help young women from 13 to 17 years old; we focus on personal and professional development using individual and group therapy to bring stabilization, bonding, and positive future for the girls, their neighbors, and the community. AYUDA aims to improve the girls’ self-esteem and create the desire for change and growth; as well as clearly define career goals, stop all misbehaving and increase self and social responsibility.

On March 24th, Counselors Mariana Runha and Camila Rocha were at the Women’s Fund Luncheon to present the progress and improvement of our girls. “It was amusing to see other organizations’ jobs and know they are working towards a well-established community as well. It is my pleasure to provide all the appropriate tools to my girls. I try not to preach on whether something is right or wrong; it is my goal to show them that positive decisions are made by considering positive outcomes,” expressed Girls Reach High Leader Mariana Runha.

Macy’s supports Girls Reach High fundraising

AYUDA Inc. and the Department Store Macy’s located at 1675 Meridian Avenue in Miami Beach worked together to raise funds for the Girls Reach High Leadership Program.

Macy’s promoted a Charity Event on April 1st to benefit charities such as AYUDA. Macy’s provided 20% off coupons to be sold by $5 each; the coupons could only be used on April 1st. “There is no shortage of talk about the obligation of public companies to be socially responsible to the people and communities on whom they depend,” says Macy’s website. The effort raised $230 for the Girls Reach High Leadership Program.

“We are very thankful for the help Macy’s provided us. As a nonprofit organization, AYUDA cannot accomplish the goal of building a well-established community alone, and Macy’s surely comprehends that by fully supporting AYUDA’s mission and providing resources to drive the development of our community,” said Jeannette Blanca Egozi AYUDA’s Executive Director.


The GO KIDS GO! Program received a grant of $184,365.00 from The Children’s Trust to continue doing the good job. The GO KIDS GO Program was funded in 2004 with the mission to educate the children by entertaining with journalism, arts, and music classes. The GO KIDS GO Program provides these classes to the after-school children of Happy Kids, Happy Kids ABC, Happy Kids too, Happy Children of Overtown, and Edison School of Hialeah.

This year, the GO KIDS GO Program will be working together with the Olympus Foundation to musically educate 50 children from Hialeah.

Founded by Maritza Gody, Olympus Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization devoted to the stimulation, prevention and rescue through rigorous training in classical music, of children 4-18 years of age facing medical and/or social challenges. The Olympus Foundation consists of a group of musicians, consultants, designers, and collaborators who regard their contributions as a moral and social responsibility to the community.


Nextaid returned to Miami for its fifth year of conscience-raising awareness during the most important electronic music networking week in the U.S.: The Mixology. This year, Nextaid and AYUDA combined efforts to promote the Mixology that took place at Nikki Beach Club on March 28th, 2006.

NextAid is a Los Angeles based non-profit organization dedicated to help African children orphaned due to AIDS. NextAid brings long-term assistance to these children by partnering with organizations such as AYUDA in the production of music events and other awareness raising activities; the mission is to link artists, musicians and the global community with some of the most impoverished and vulnerable children. For example, Nextaid built childcare and/ or live-in centers in South Africa.

As a Miami based non-profit organization, AYUDA was very proud to be part of such beautiful musical event. AYUDA has served as the administrative organization and facilitate the event by assisting at either the door or promotion table. AYUDA’s, as well as NextAid, is dedicated to assisting under served and/ or at-risk children and families; the difference between AYUDA and NextAid is the target population. However, both AYUDA and NextAid wishes to build a well-established community.

Nextaid Website

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