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News » Casemanager Does not Rest Until She Finds Client’s Family

Thursday, August 10th, 2006

MIAMI, August 10, 2006Adults and Youth who are Under-served Deserve Attention, a nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting underserved and/or at-risk families in Miami-Dade County through education, life-skills training, and programs that support self-sufficiency, grieved the death of one of the dearest Representative Payee clients Septina “Tina” Galetto on July 11, 2006.

AYUDA has been helping Septina since 2002. The Representative Payee services provide clients with management of Social Security benefits. AYUDA receives benefits on behalf of the client and uses the money to pay their housing and utilities, food, medical and dental expenses, personal care items, clothing, and rehabilitation services. The Rep Payee keeps accurate records of payments and how the money is spent.

According to witnesses, Septina was suddenly caught by a truck on a corner while waiting to cross the street; the truck made the turn and the rear tire caught Septina who did not make it to the hospital. Through ID cards, Septina’s social worker and friend Niva Joseph was contacted and due to the lack of contact information, Niva would be responsible to make wake and funeral arrangements. However Niva knew Septina’s family was in Haiti, so Niva contacted few Haitian radio stations to announce that Septina was in serious condition. The parents heard the news. However, before contacting Niva, the Police Detective found a sister in Pennsylvania. The family including parents, sisters, and nephews was coming to Miami to say goodbye to dear Septina. Since the family did not know anything in Miami, Niva provided useful phone numbers and addresses such as the church Septina used to go, cemetery, and wake place. With Niva’s help, Septina’s family provided the wake and funeral arrangements on July 21st and 22nd respectively.

Out of empathy and respect to Septina, Niva was present at both the wake and funeral. “Septina was a beautiful, lovable and gentle young woman,” said Niva Joseph, “She came to the office regularly to pick up her Social Security check but ,unlike the other clients, she was never demanding for anything. She was very down-to-earth when asking for services or favors. I will miss Septina’s great spirit.”

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