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Monday, August 28th, 2006

AYUDA, Inc. Welcomes its new Chief Executive Officer

On July 1st, AYUDA formally announced the appointment of Mr. Luis A. DeJesus, as Chief Executive Officer of AYUDA, Inc. As a non-profit organization, AYUDA functions through donations and grants funded by private donors, county, city and public companies. These dollars support programs that assist the low-income community in Miami-Dade County.

Mr. DeJesus is characterized by others as visionary, decisive, and charismatic. He possesses keen instincts and strategies to quickly effect change and improve the bottom line. His leadership style is direct and yet flexible in responding to constantly changing demands of the times and market place. “As a past member of AYUDA’s Board, I know the challenges AYUDA has to overcome, as well as the strengths and weakness we face everyday. As CEO, I will implement a fundraising as well as a marketing plan that puts in place methods to better communicate with the general community and donors,” said Mr. DeJesus.

“With a degree in Business Administration and over 25 years of experience in Administration, Budgeting, Marketing, Strategic Planning, Productivity, Quality Improvement, Team Building, and Leadership, we are convinced Luis will lead us into an exciting future,” expressed Board Members.

“Luis brings such a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table that AYUDA is very proud to have him join our team,” says AYUDA President Diana Susi, “Luis has been manager of top-notch companies, so he knows the needs and demands of running an organization. Mr. DeJesus has been a member of AYUDA’s Board for 13 years, thereby knowing what we do and where we are headed.”

Water Safety Classes made possible by Children’s Trust Funds

AYUDA, together with the Children’s Trust, has been able to provide Water Safety Classes to children 5 years and older this Summer. These classes serve as very basic swimming lessons that teach children how to survive in the water by holding their breath, floating, opening their eyes under water, and basic strokes such as the doggie paddle.

“The children love the swimming classes! They spend about two hours with the instructor and then stay in the pool for about one more hour practicing what they have learned. By doing this, they are developing safety skills, swimming ability, and team-building skills without realizing it,” said Summer Program Coordinator Camila Rocha.

The students who receive these classes attend Happy Kids, Happy Kids Too, Happy Kids ABC, and Kiddie Ranch. The classes are offered at Miami-Dade County parks.

FIU provides Career Workshop to Girls Reach High program

On April 26, Florida International University Career Services came to AYUDA to provide a workshop titled, The Key to Unlocking the Secrets to College. FIU professionals Jose Toscano and Lauren Hubacheck gave an outstanding presentation by sharing what is involved in receiving a Bachelor’s degree.

Using a Power Point presentation, Jose and Lauren shared information such as the different degrees available, the difference between SAT and ACT tests, in-campus and off-campus expenses, and how graduating from college opens the door for more opportunities in the future. They also provided useful website addresses to find financial aid and scholarship information.

Most importantly, Jose and Lauren gave useful tips for the teenage girls to use while they are in high school. “It was a pleasure to host FIU Career Service at AYUDA. FIU presented useful information in a very motivational way so as to make clearer how to start the college process.” said Girls Reach High Counselor Mariana Runha.

Florida Marlins Supports AYUDA

AYUDA was invited to the Florida Marlins Community Booth at Dolphins Stadium on May 27th at the Marlins vs. Mets baseball game. AYUDA distributed 400 brochures to the game attendees to increase awareness to the Miami-Dade community of the services we offer. Many of the attendees were interested in AYUDA’s work, which communities we target, how to contact us, and how to donate through the website.

The Florida Marlins are dedicated to making South Florida a better place by building a brighter future for South Florida’s youth. “The services that AYUDA provides are vital in assisting families in need in Miami-Dade County and the Florida Marlins are proud to support their efforts,” said Community Affairs Manager Angela Smith.

It was a great opportunity to participate in the Community Booth! As a nonprofit organization, AYUDA can only accomplish the goal of building a well-established community with the support of large corporations like the Marlins. We are very thankful to the Florida Marlins who support AYUDA’s mission by providing resources to drive the development of our community, let them know of the problems we face, and the solutions we offer.

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