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News » AYUDA Launches THE PRIDE! Gardening Project in Overtown

Monday, November 6th, 2006

MIAMI, November 6, 2006Adults and Youth who are Under-served Deserve Attention, a nonprofit organization dedicated to help the lives of children and families who are underserved and/ or at risk in Miami-Dade County through education, life skills training, and programs that support self sufficiency, launched the PRIDE! Gardening Project in Overtown on October 6th, 2006.

The PRIDE! started at 4:00 p.m. with Zumba exercises by Nadia De Leon, followed by the plaque presentation to the Rotarians for their monetary donation to make the garden a reality. The two Rotarians present at the garden to receive the plaque were Director of MEED Program at Miami-Dade College Mrs. Kathy Beckman and Director of Proforma Promotional and Printed Solutions Mr. Martin Arriola. Also receiving a plaque was Mr. Salomon Yuken for his donation of office, childcare and garden space to AYUDA and Happy Children of Overtown. To close the event, AYUDA provided refreshments to the children and adults who helped to build the beautiful PRIDE garden.

“The children were asking for a garden for such a long time, and they are very happy to have it now!” said one of the professors at Happy Children of Overtown, “The most important thing we wish to accomplish is to teach the children cooperation, responsibility, care for the environment, PRIDE in their community and group work. We will accomplish our goals because the children will have to water and nurture the flowers every day to maintain the beautiful garden. The children will also receive potted flowers to take home and care for as an extention to the PRIDE Garden”

We are very thankful for the donation! By sponsoring this project, the Rotary Club partnered to accomplish AYUDA’s mission of helping the lives of children and families who are underserved and/ or at risk in Miami-Dade County.  As a nonprofit organization, AYUDA cannot accomplish the goal of building a well-established community alone, and the Rotary Club comprehends that by providing resources to drive the development of our community.

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