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Friday, December 1st, 2006

Message from CEO

Dear AYUDA’s Friends and Clients:

I take a great pleasure sending you this issue of our quarterly e-newsletter.

Good communications whether they be among family members, friends, business associates, or nations always helps to broaden our knowledge and resources.

I trust that you will find this newsletter useful and informative. Thank you! I appreciate the opportunity to be of service to you and will continue to serve our community today and in the future.



AYUDA will celebrate the beginning of the Holiday season by promoting the AYUDA Overtown Fair and Holiday Party on December 22nd from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. The fair will take place at Happy Children of Overtown located at 2101 NW 3rd Avenue, Overtown, FL 33127.

At AYUDA’s Overtown Fair staff will be giving away new clothes and toys to the community of Overtown. AYUDA will provide refreshments to the attendees and Santa will be present to greet the Holiday Season. “The idea is to create a fun event to entertain the community while providing a secure environment for them to enjoy themselves and get to know their neighbors, the objective is to let the community know that AYUDA is there for them.”

Supporting the Fair will be the educational mobile units of the Fire Department, Police Department, and Jackson Memorial’s Home Safety for children Unit.


On October 31st, children and parents at Happy Kids Too’s After School Program dressed up with their costumes to celebrate Halloween. The pre-teens presented what they have learned in their Percussion Music class with Professor Mauricio Espinosa; they were very excited holding the microphones, guitars, flutes, drums, and maracas. The children looked very professional (and Halloween funny) presenting to their parents and friends.

The Children’s Trust funds granted to AYUDA’s GO KIDS GO! Programgrant provided for this after-school success for children attending Happy Kids Too in Miami Beach. The goal of “GO KIDS GO!” is to explore the children’s talents while gaining life-long skills through educational field trips, reading, social skills, character values, arts, music, dance, computer technology, organized physical activities and summer water safety.

The Children’s Trust is committed to funding programs that offer the highest possible quality services, with the goals of implementing best practices and improving the lives of children and families in our community. A strong emphasis on active collaboration is critical to improving services and access for children and families in Miami-Dade County. The Trust encourages creative approaches to coordinating, integrating and funding services across and within the areas of health, safety, development and to promote increased parental and community involvement on behalf of all our children and The Trust stresses outcome measurements for all approved grants.


AYUDA raffled a fishing boat in order to raise funds to support the Early Childhood Scholarship Program in Overtown. The winner was drawn on November 1st, 2006 at AYUDA located at 7118 Byron Avenue, Miami Beach. The 11.5 bass tender boat has a retractor, docking lights and nightlights, 2 raised leather seats, 2 outboard electric trolling motors, trailer, batteries, charger, coast guard package, face mask, fins and a fishing rod was won by Aurio N. de Carvalho.

AYUDA partners in Overtown with Developer Salomon Yuken. His relentless support of AYUDA’s outreach office and the Happy Children of Overtown’s Child Care Center is deeply appreciated. Both offices are located at the new Arena Square at 2101 NW 3rd Avenue in Miami, 33127.

AYUDA’s EARLY CHILDHOOD SCHOLARSHIP FUND provides subsidies to children from infancy to 12 years of age who come from families that cannot afford to enroll their children in pre- or after-school programs. According to research, the first five years of life are the most important for social, emotional, physical, and mental development, and the pre-teen years are crucial for the establishment of hobbies and career interests as well as building protective preventive factors within each child.

To build a well-established community, AYUDA wants to ensure the success of every child regardless of family income.


On October 6th, 2006, AYUDA launched the PRIDE! Gardening Project at Happy Children of Overtown Center. The event started at 4:00 p.m. with Zumba exercises by Nadia De Leon, followed by the plaque presentation to the Rotarians for their monetary donation to make the PRIDE! garden a reality. The two Rotarians present at the garden to receive the plaque were Director of MEED Program at Miami-Dade College Mrs. Kathy Beckman and Director of Proforma Promotional and Printed Solutions Mr. Martin Arriola. Also receiving a plaque was Mr. Salomon Yuken for his donation of office, childcare and garden space to AYUDA and Happy Children of Overtown. To close the event, AYUDA provided refreshments to the children and adults who helped to build the beautiful PRIDE! garden.

“The children were asking for a garden for such a long time, and they are very happy to have it now!” said Happy Children of Overtown Assistant Director Chevette Jackson. “The most important thing we wish to accomplish is to teach the children cooperation, responsibility, care for the environment, PRIDE in their community, and group work. We will accomplish our goals because the children will have to water and nurture the flowers every day to maintain the beautiful garden. The children will also receive potted flowers to take home and care for as an extension to the PRIDE! Garden”

“We are very thankful for the donation! By sponsoring this project, the Rotary Club partnered to accomplish AYUDA’s mission of helping improve the lives of children and families who are underserved and/ or at risk in Miami-Dade County,” said AYUDA’s President Diana Susi. “As a nonprofit organization, AYUDA cannot accomplish the goal of building a well-established community alone, and the Rotary Club comprehends that by providing resources to drive the development of our community.”


All over Miami-Dade County, children ages 5 through 12 are learning about essential values in a fun and interactive way. The creator of “PLAYING THE GAME OF LIFE”, Jeannette Egozi, is changing the way children view and relate to each other, the world, and the concept of peace. Ms. Egozi is “rocking” the children through vivid participation in small groups where they exchange views, alter perceptions, awaken awareness, and apply learning at school, home and within themselves as evidenced by their own change in behavior.

“The reason I have chosen to work with children is that they are the future of the world and if a spark is awoken within them, they will be more likely to make a difference in the world tomorrow. The course, called “PLAYING THE GAME OF LIFE” consists of four classes. Topics such as expressing and understanding your feelings, understanding how using “warm” and “hurt” words affect the heart, inclusion, creating peace in the world by achieving inner peace and tolerance, and sensing and learning about energy, are taught. As an added plus, the children are introduced to the concepts of meditation and experience meditating, have an opportunity to feel energy, and do art projects to help them understand what they are learning. Ultimately, the goal is to create change, one heart at a time” expressed Ms. Egozi.

Classes have taken place at Edison Private School in Hialeah, at Happy Children of Overtown, and at the three Happy Kids Learning Centers in Miami Beach. Ms. Egozi can be contacted at (305) 798-5439 (KIDZ) or jeannette@ecqc.biz for more information or to bring her program to other locations.


Planned Parenthood of Greater Miami, Palm Beach and Treasure Coast, Inc. came to AYUDA to provide a workshop about sexually transmitted diseases to about 45 Girls Reach High clients from North Shore Park and Miami Beach Senior High School. Planned Parenthood Professional Marie-José Ledan provided an outstanding and interactive presentation; she introduced the topic without restrains but in an entertaining way.

Using her knowledge, Marie-José talked about herpes, HPV virus, AIDS, gonorrhea, and syphilis. The girls learned about symptoms, prevention, and treatments of each disease. Marie-José also talked about teenage pregnancy emphasizing the disadvantages of it but especially emphasizing the many responsibilities that come along.

Planned Parenthood of Greater Miami, Palm Beach and Treasure Coast, Inc are nonprofit healthcare agencies founded and incorporated in 1971 by Harriette Glasner and Dr. Carl Brumback. Planned Parenthood was established due to concerns about the rising rates of teenage pregnancy, increasing incidence of sexually transmitted diseases, and lack of birth control information and services. The goals are to provide reproductive healthcare to all people requesting such services and to educate the community in all areas of responsible human sexuality.


AYUDA received a $35,000 continuation grant from the Dade Community Foundation for the parenting skills program. Parents Now! Workshops are being developed for Overtown through AYUDA office located at 2101 NW Third Ave, Suite 109 Miami, FL 33127.

The Parents Now! Program is designed to target families with children 0-3 years of age. Parents will be invited to series of workshops, and in a psycho-educational environment, will learn about brain development, positive disciplines, parenting techniques, communication skills, reading to children, family meetings, conflict resolution, healthy habits, nutrition, quality use of free time, dental, physical, emotional and developmental needs of children, home safety and hygiene, prevention of contagious illnesses, prevention of home and community violence. The program’s main goal is the prevention of child abuse and neglect and empowering parents and caregivers to break away from the chains of poverty.

Parents Now! Program is a conduit to building a well-established home life. AYUDA’s interest is in creating an environment in which parents will learn life long skills that will enable them to provide the healthiest environment possible for them and their children.  We thank The Dade Community Foundation for partnering with AYUDA to empower this very deserving community.

Established in 1967, Dade Community Foundation is Greater Miami’s permanent philanthropic endowment enhancing the quality of life of all Miami-Dade residents. The Foundation provides nonprofit organizations funding support and technical assistance for programs which benefit the community. For its many donors, the Foundation provides an effective vehicle for charitable giving and grantmaking expertise about quality programs across a broad spectrum of community issues and needs.


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