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Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

We are happy to share some exciting news about a partnership established with The PGA TOUR and AYUDA Inc. A unique fundraising program called TICKETS Fore CHARITY will offer Ayuda unlimited revenue potential by allowing the organization to sell tickets to the prestigious Cadillac Championship golf tournament at Doral from March 7-11, 2012.  Through this opportunity, AYUDA can keep 100% of the net proceeds of any ticket purchased on their behalf. The money raised will continue to support the programs offered to teens, empowering and encouraging them to stay in school and continue with a higher education.

Ayuda has the opportunity to sell highly discounted tickets to the tournament.  There are two options:

$85 Weekly Clubhouse Ticket (normally priced at $125 at the gate) provides access to the clubhouse each day, March 7-11

$20 Any Day Grounds Ticket (normally priced at $40 at the gate) provides access to the grounds of the tournament for any one day, March 7-11

We hope you will consider supporting this event and opportunity for AYUDA. There is still plenty of time to sell as the final date to purchase these charity tickets is March 1. You will be pivotal in helping Ayuda drive sales! Please pass the information along through your email blasts, passing out flyers and encouraging all you know who may have the love of golf to purchase tickets.


You can visit http://www.buytfc.com/ to learn more as well as purch

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